We are a Walking Football group set up predominantly to promote wellness, fitness and fun for the over 50's. We encourage all players of any ability to come and join in.

The group is more than a football playing group. Social events include Lunches , Quizzes , Charity Events , Football tournaments and more to come. 

Some great friendships have been formed within the group and during the games there is a lot of laughter and banter.  Be prepared to be welcomed and then the mickey taken out of you !!

We play for fun and fitness. It is not taken very serious. We do enter tournaments and have an over 60's league team for anyone who wishes to take it a bit more serious.

However, if you do want to play with us, do not attend with a highly competitive win-at-all-costs attitude because you’ll soon be found out and advised you’re in the wrong place. We play first and foremost for enjoyment. A non-contact measured game .

We do not want anyone going home by way of a Hospital. Remember most of us are knocking on a bit & treat opponents and team mates with respect, and with a duty of care.

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